When Dreams Become..
Hey, I am Sonia. I8 and Single (: I love to put a smile on someones face. I love to hangout, cook, bake, draw, paint, read and write. Also I love photography; I like to take pictures of anything. I love to meet new people but I do get shy around them when I first meet them. I always like making a new friend. I am bilingual; I speak Spanish and English but I am also learning a third language. It is French. Also I am very open minded on new things. I like to try new things. Especially food. I like to play sports like Track and Field, Softball, Volleyball, and any other sport. I am a person that you can count on such like being there for you. I am always here if you need to talk to someone. I try to live eveyday to the fullest.
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I can’t be the only person that’s obsessed with Geometric Tattoos

They’re so modern and unique. Vintage and Classic tattoos are amazing don’t get me wrong, I just love the cleanliness appearance of a Modern Geometric Tattoo

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